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varm flekk i huden
Hei! Jeg fikk for ca ei uke siden i løpet av få timer et varmt rødt, forholdsvis avgrenset,utslett på låret på ca 5 x 3 cm. Ganske fort ble hudområdet også fylt av bittesmå blå prikker. Jeg var hos lege hvor det ble tatt en del blodprøver. Siden prøvene hadde verdier innenfor normalområdet, fikk jeg beskjed om å se det an. Nå er flekken borte. Men siden jeg ikke fikk noen forklaring og siden jeg føler meg i dårlig form og har en brennende følelse flere steder i huden, er jeg fortsatt bekymret. Er det mulig å gi meg noen råd på grunnlag av det jeg skriver her. Jeg blir glad for svar. Mvh bekymret

Svar: Brevkasse om psoriasis

Hej. Tak for dit spørgsmål. Ud fra din beskrivelse kunne det godt lyde som en infektion med herpes simplex virus. Det er en meget almindelig sygdom, som typisk viser sig ved små ømme, væskende blærer på hævet rød hud eller slimhinde. Der er ikke så meget, du selv kan gøre, når du først har fået infektionen. Vigtigst er det ikke at kradse i såret og vaske hænder efter berøring. Hos nogle mennesker provokeres infektionen af fx sollys. Hvis du fortsat er bekymret, og symptomerne ikke forsvinder, vil jeg anbefale, at du igen tager kontakt til din egen læge. Vedkommende vil også kunne fortælle dig mere om, hvilke blodprøver der er taget. Venlig hilsen Mette

Dato: 21/02/2012
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Hey everybody ive deeidcd to share my story with you guys because i also have psoriasis , ive had it since 4rth grade i am now almost 18 on may 4rth . This is how it all started wen i was 3 i think my parents seperated & my dad would buy my love literly give me money insted of spending time with me , my mom was never home because she had to work to provide for me so her mom would take care of me & my cousins . We lived in some ugly trailer park , my uncle was a alcholic so him & my aunt would always be yelling & fighting & him trying to mis treat her while she would act like a physco most of the day they lived with us.we always had diffrent family members living with us because we needed the extra money . wen i was 6 i went to mexico to visit my family & i got lice from some girl i use to play with so they had to cut my hair like a boy & wen i wen't back to school everybody would call me a boy & make fun of me calling me a lesbian so i had to move schools wen i did i didnt know how to read good so my teacher flunked me after that my socail life was miserable wen i was 7 i got into gymnastics for a couple of days until kids started making fun of me because i had hairy legs so i shaved them & cut myself realy bad everywhere. in 3rd grade i moved in with my dad & stepmom he was realy fat so they would eat alot & he would force me & my cousins to eat because him as a mexican didnt have alot of food wen he was young so he takes advantage now that he do's we would also eat realy late . i started gaining wieght & became fat then my psirisis started life at home wasn't nice my dad would work allday so i was getting raised by my stepmom who is 30 now & ill be 18 so she's not that much older then me & my dad is 40 . she didnt treat me the same as her kids ofcourse we would go places she would buy them stuff & not me in my own face & i wouldnt say anything or tell my dad because i didn't want them to fight & me get kicked out from my dads house because ever since 3rd grade ive been back & fourth back & fourth from my mom & dads house if i got in trouble at school wen i was living with my mom she would send me to live with my dad if i faught with my step moms kids while i lived with my dad he would send me back to my moms ive been to atleast 30 something schools . pretty much ive been unstable all my life & i think that's wat trigured my psirisis because wen i got it i was living in hell , my dad would beat me my brother & step mom all the time & even hearing his voice start to scream would get me so nervous i would shake & cry . him telling me something that i knew wasnt nice anything at all would make me break down cus i thought he was going to hit me . ever since then i got tramatized by that everytime some1 starts trying to get me in trouble like at school if i would get in trouble by the teacher i would cry it just happens if i feel like some1 is tryin to attack me i get realy weak . in 6th grade i started dropping out i would only go to school the 1rst half of the year because i could cover my psirisis because it was cold & its all my arms & legs , the places were everybody can see . wen it would start getting hot i would stop going to school , for 5 years i did this until my sophmore year wen i completly dropped out after going the 1rst hald so i was realy behind in school because of this . i gained so much weight by not going to school that i wouldnt buy no nice cloths/shoes or anything at all that was in style because to me it was like i cant buy it if it shows my skin & if it dosn't 90% of the time i didnt like how it looked because i was fat , i went up to 140 before & im only 4'9 so im always getting made fun of since 6th grade for being fat & short with ugly skin hair & teath which people have asked me atleast 40 times if i have aids , which would make me brake down rite in front of them but no1 ever showed me compasion so i would just run from them . ofcourse people wouldnt even hug me because they thought they could get it , i also have it on my scalp so i scratch my head alot & people keep asking if i have lice , i have alottttttttttt of supper supper thick curly hair so people call me a troll , & ive tried to make it nice & it got burned so ppl always make fun or my burned hair . i also have cricket teeth & 3 of them are chipped so that just makes ppl say i have a nasty grill which makes everything more complicated, all those years my parents wouldnt take me to the doctors because we didnt have insurence so they would sometimes buy me some mexican creme they would find at mexican shops. so i never got treated for 7 years so it was discusting . in 9th grade is wen it got realy realy realy bad & i got it on my face & make up makes it stand out more & since then has increased . even my own family would tell me a guy wont even ask u out to dance to tell u the truth & a guy never did , ive never had a boyfriend because of this . because as soon as they see my skin they stop talking to me . i havnt bought myself nothing nice since elementry because ill feel ugly in it , so i havnt gone cloths shoppin for 2 years some of my cloths my cousin gives to me after she wore it out , i have a deap voice so ppl call me a man , at night its realy hard for me to sleep because i have a nose problem , i also have anemia . i cry atleast 2 times a day wen i wake up knowing ppl are goin to talk bad about how i look & wen i go to sleep because im thinkin about all the bad things i herd that day . i don't party or hang out or nothing because of my skin over the years ive only had 5 friends & i only talk to 1 because the rest felt discusted by me as the time passed . at school some ppl would try to be coo with me but wen there friends would point out my skin they would stop talkin to me , even my own teachers would make me feel horrible while they asked other students wat was wrong with me . ive only had 1 job because it was sesinol & i wore long sleave the whole 2 months . other then that i cant find a job because to me im sure because of my skin like come on now who are kidding me ive tried but no1 will hire me . i don't ever go to family partys with my parents for the same reason i don't want ppl lookin at my skin & saying rude comments in my face so i stay home mostly all the time . my own sister stoped talkin to me because at her 15 party i HAD to wear a dress so my skin showed & all her friends seen me & started making fun of her because her sister had aids or herpies or got burned wen she little , or watever the hell other things they would say to her . since then i havnt talked to her still . PRETTY MUCH PSIRISIS HAS RUINED MY LIFE & IM ONLY 18 NEVER HAD A BOYFRIEND , CANT GET A JOB , & A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF I CAN KEEP ON GOING WITH THIS BUT ILL STOP FOR NOW IM SURE MOST OF U CAN RELATE , THANX FOR READING . [url=]qvqetzhn[/url] [link=]iyvbwcnmu[/link]

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i dont mean to put eggs down but the best food for us humans are ftiurs n raw veggies. to totally rid of psoriasis, eczema, or even acne we need to eat raw foods like what i mention earlier. herbs too! my gf had eczema till i got her on ftiurs n herbs


My dad, 65, has My dad, 65, has injured his L2 disc, thgrouh impact on his heel. He was standing on the chair, and the seat collapse. So his leg went right thru the seat, and hit the floor. He's not too heavy 145lbs, but the disc is compressed. He's in pain for three months, do you think these will help? I will ask him to these really slowly.

Brevkasse om psoriasis, Huddoktor

Hvis du har specifikke spørgsmål til den immunologiske hudsygdom psoriasis, kan du få svar på dem i Psoriasis-brevkassen på råder desuden over en vidensbank om hudlidelserne akne, atopisk eksem, fnat, hudkræft, håndeksem, hårbundssygdomme, insektbid og -stik, modermærkekræft, portvinspletter, rosacea og svampeinfektioner. Hvis du ikke finder svar på dine spørgsmål her, anbefaler vi, at du opsøger egen læge med henblik på evt. henvisning til en hudspecialist.


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